Our company have started manufacturing in 2004 and proved that novelty and quality of woven cloth is not unachievable with its experienced team and work principles. Here by Sayın has been being developed on the route of being a trademark.


Our company, functioning in third organized industry zone; denoted how serious it is about quality by establishing full climatized environment with 164 unit Picanol machines, Karl Mayer Sizing Machine and Delta1 Automatic Drawing Machine in the frame of its experienced and professional team orders about production course selection.


Our company which presents product network as cotton cloth; has shown the importance it attaches to innovation by combining many raw material options with dobby and report.


As of 2017,Our company in the 5th Organized Industrial Zone, in an area of 50.000 m2 put into operation to Ring Compact Yarn and Open End yarn facilities, high quality level and price competitiveness, Sayın Yarn & Weaving; which has become a brand day by day, It has crowned its place in the Yarn Market with its own production. It has once again demonstrated the importance it attaches to quality by bringing together the world giants in its sector (Reiter, Saurer, Uster Savio, Marzoli, Xorella and Tüfekçi), with its production track of 40,128 spindles and twisting without unfolded plant


Our firm, purchasing by taking high quality standards into consideration about raw material selection, doesn’t forget that basis of promises starts from raw material.


Our company had gained principle about product marketing, working as focused on customer. We have an idea that we can easily catch novelties as a result of a most effective work absolutely in the frame of our each customers own manner.


Absolutely we want to share our efforts and care about this matter.